White Shepherd Dog At the end of the 19th century , the Prussian cavalry officer Von Stephanitz defined and developed the German Shepherd standard from a white specimen. At that time there were a large number of white shepherds until the 1930s when they began to be rejected and disqualified throughout Europe and Germany . This event led to the fact that in 1968 the color white was officially banned from the European and German dog shows.

White Shepherd Dog

White Shepherd Dog Breed personality

The White Swiss Shepherd is balanced and calm; very obedient, intelligent and has a high capacity for understanding. He is never aggressive, but if the situation calls for it, he is alert and impatient. Despite being distrustful of strangers, he is very affectionate with the family and especially with children.

White Shepherd Dog Breed characteristics

The White Swiss Shepherd is a dog that is longer than it is tall. His body is muscular and robust with a medium and harmonious appearance. Its head, strong and well proportioned to the body, has parallel upper lines of the skull and forehead; seen from above and in profile, its head is triangular in shape. It has large ears that are erect, parallel and pointing well to the front in the shape of an elongated triangle that becomes slightly round at the tip. The muzzle is solid, of medium length in relation to the skull and the teeth are strong and complete. The eyes are medium in size, almond-shaped and of a color that ranges from brown to dark brown. The low-set tail is saber-shaped and reaches down to the hock.

White Shepherd Dog Breed

White Shepherd Dog Breed health problems

Due to the uses that can be given such as in herding, watchdog or sports activities, a training program can be assigned to them for each activity. They are also applied other types of training to perform tasks such as: obedience and discipline, guide dog for the blind, rescue in cases of catastrophe, and of great help to the police .