The Wetterhoun Dog has a large head, a square body supported by fragile thin-looking but very strong legs and a thick, thick, oily coat. This medium-sized dog stands between 21 and 23 inches at the withers and weighs between 33 and 42 pounds. The tail, which curls into a mid-blast ball and is carried along the rump, is a distinctive feature of this breed. The name of the breed means water dog. A Wetterhoun actually loves water and is hailed for being an excellent water reclaimer. But unlike other water dog breeds, the Wetterhoun’s hocks are closer to the ground and its large, thick legs are not webbed.

Wetterhoun Dog

Wetterhoun Dog Breed information

Friesland, the county in the northern section of Holland is home to Friesian cattle and horses. The people of this province, known for the presence of numerous windmills, have their own customs and have developed the unique West Frisian dialect. The Friesians have also developed their own native dogs. The Wetterhoun is one of two native dog breeds developed in this remote county. Also known as Otterhound, Dutch Water Spaniel, and Dutch Spaniel, this medium-sized dog was developed primarily for hunting otters and polecats. These intrepid dogs were originally used to hunt fitch (mustela putorius), polecats, and wild cats that did not appear to be affected by bites from wild animals. Water dogs, however, are more highly valued for being otter specialists, since otters are rivals of fishermen for fish. After the otter population was managed, the dogs were used to hunt other animals. With a high prey drive and a water-repellent coat, Wetterhouns have evolved into excellent hair and feather retrievers.

Wetterhoun Dog Breed

Wetterhoun Dog Breed personality

The Wetterhoun is an exceptional hunter who has become a wonderful home companion in recent years. The breed is gaining a loyal following. However, this dog is not for everyone. The dog needs an assertive and firm owner. The dog has a will of its own and a weak owner will find it difficult to earn the respect of the breed. The high level of intelligence should make training the dog easy. However, the dog is quite stubborn and would only respond to consistent and firm training methods. A Wetterhoun has a rather intimidating expression. The dog is often perceived as a fierce and aggressive breed. A Wetterhoun is a good-natured breed. He bonds strongly with family and is a wonderful companion and playmate for children. The dog is wary of strangers and is a reliable watchdog because it is very protective of its family and its territory. A Wetterhoun has a dominant temperament. This breed is also known for its high prey drive. Socialization, which is best started early, is necessary for the dog to accept other dogs and smaller pets.

Wetterhoun Dog Breed Pictures

Wetterhoun Dog Breed characteristics

A Wetterhoun is a robust and hardy breed. However, this breed moves gracefully and effortlessly. The strong and powerful head is large compared to the size of the body. The slightly rounded skull gives the impression of being wider than it is long. The skull and muzzle, however, are of the same length. The stop is moderately defined. The powerful truncated muzzle tapers slightly to a well developed nose with wide open nostrils. Dogs with a black undercoat would have a black nose. A brown nose is seen in a dog with a brown base coat color. Medium in size and oval in shape, the eyes give the dog a rather gloomy expression due to the way they are set at a slightly slanted angle. Eyes that are not deep or bulging have tight-fitting lids. Similar to the nose color, the eye color would also complement the coat color. The color of the eyes of this breed ranges from brown to dark brown. Rather low set, the moderately long, flat-shaped ears are not well developed, so they hang from the head without breaking. A signature of a Wetterhoun is the slightly long curly hair that covers the ears when donned and shortens as it progresses towards the tip.

Wetterhoun Dog Breed health problems

A Wetterhoun has minimal grooming requirements. This is an all-purpose dog with an all-weather coat. Occasional brushing will keep the coat in good condition and remove dirt embedded in curly hair. Bathing should be done only when it is very necessary. Frequent bathing will remove the natural oils that hydrate the skin and keep the coat shiny. Removing the oils will result in dry skin that could lead to skin problems. The Wetterhoun is a retriever. The ears should be cleaned and checked regularly for infections. The dog can withstand any type of weather due to its weather resistant coat, but it would not do very well in apartments or a house in the city. A Wetterhoun would need a large area to get enough exercise,