Are you looking for the City Vet Clinic Grooming for Cats and Dogs  in your home? Veterinary Clinic in Dubai You can now order Vetwork at any time you want, as the usual day for any veterinarian includes caring for sick pets and treating them in all modern ways and the ability to talk to their owners about ways to keep their animals and provide them with regular vaccinations, and you can request a home visit to examine and examine your dog or Your cat without leaving the house Pet Care At Home.

City Vet Clinic

Vetwork Medical Services

1- Grooming:

Regular shower, medical shower, dry shower, shaving and haircutting, nail clipping, ear cleaning, eye tear area cleaning, hairball removal, gland emptying, shaving private areas.

2- Health Care: 

Medical examination – emergency medical examination – sonar – microchip – suspension of solutions – treatment of fractures – surgeries – sterilization operations – treatment of wounds – dental cleaning.

3- Vaccinations: 

All types of vaccinations for dogs and cats at competitive prices.

4- Boarding: 

Hosting services vary according to the area in which the pet is located and according to the condition if it is due to travel or treatment.

5- Training: 

Vetwork has dog training services such as obedience, behavior modification, protection, walking, and toileting.

City Vet Clinic

  •  We work 7 days a week for the convenience of our pet friends and our vets offer a quick emergency telephone consultation service, so it is always a good idea for a breeder to keep a list of the names and numbers of Vets in Sharjah who provide this service.
  •  One of the most important things that vetwork provides is the services of therapeutic visits at home, so it is necessary to keep the number of a veterinarian for cats or dogs that provides this service, to request that he come home in an emergency.
  •  Contact Us of Dubai vets, Abu Dhabi, And Sharjah at +97145868783 to get the best veterinary services.

Nearest Veterinary Clinic To Me

  • Vetwork Doctor provides you with everything your pet needs. It is a mobile veterinary pharmacy that provides all the basic vaccinations and all the necessary treatments, ensuring its health condition and constantly monitoring its condition. We work for the comfort and convenience of your pet.
  • Now you can easily order all veterinary services for your dog or cat at home without sending them to any veterinary clinic far from you. Veterinary services include vaccinations, diagnosis, treatment, emergency, follow-up, tests, and x-rays in your home. Veterinary services are provided by veterinarians who specialize in pet medicine. 
  • Always make your pet with Vetwork Safe And healthy.