The Azawakh dog is a type of greyhound or whippet endemic to the African continent. Although it is a very ancient and symbolic canine breed in its countries of origin, it is still little known in the West. Likewise, these dogs highlight remarkable qualities, such as a slender and athletic body and a docile and balanced temperament.

Azawakh dog

Azawakh dog breeds Information

The Azawakh is a rare member of the group of short-haired greyhounds, also known as the African greyhound, which originated many centuries ago. The origin of the African Greyhound is the Azawakh Valley, located in the Nile River basin. The history of the breed’s origin is shrouded in mystery, and there are many legends surrounding the dog. To this day little information has been preserved about the Azawakh. However, images of dogs can be seen on African murals from thousands of years ago. Since then, the dog has been a constant companion of the nomadic peoples of the Sahara desert. The azawakh is associated with the Tuareg peoples of the Sahel region, which encompasses most of present-day Mali.

Azawakh dog breeds

Azawakh dog breeds personality

Generally speaking, all greyhound dogs are characterized by extremely energetic behavior , and the azawakh is no exception. These furry animals have almost inexhaustible energy and are highly predisposed to physical activity. Therefore, they need to have a proper physical exercise routine to expend all this energy and maintain a stable behavior at home.

When properly cared for and physically active enough to expend their energy, Azawakhs tend to display a calm and friendly demeanor in their family nucleus, enjoying being caressed and sharing good times with their family members. However, they are also independent dogs that will need to have their moments of peace and quiet respected, especially while sleeping and feeding.

Azawakh dog breeds Information

Azawakh dog breeds characteristics

These dogs stand out for their light and elegant appearance. The anatomy is like that of the greyhound, with its muscular and bone structure clearly visible under the skin. The loin is rather short, although it tends to rise towards protruding hips.

The chest is narrow and deep, with thin, well sprung ribs. The line of its belly retracts markedly upwards, while the tail is set low, fine and tapered at the tip; it usually has a white mark. The legs are very thin and long, with an elastic and agile appearance.

The head is long and thin, with a short, flat skull with respect to the muzzle, which tapers towards a dark-colored nose with well-developed nostrils . The eyes are almond-shaped, rather large and dark in color; never blue. The ears, set high, are broad at the base and form a triangle. They are usually drooping forward, not rose-shaped.

Azawakh dog breeds health problems

In general, the azawakh shows great physical resistance and optimal health, so they will hardly get sick if they receive adequate care. But like all dog breeds, Azawakh dogs can have a certain genetic predisposition to develop some hereditary and degenerative diseases . The following conditions are usually the most common in the azawakh dog:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Stomach twisting
  • Autoimmune diseases

In addition, the azawakh can also be affected by other common diseases in dogs and is quite sensitive to drugs and chemicals, being able to develop allergic reactions easily. Therefore, it is essential to provide adequate preventive medicine to your best friend throughout his life. Remember to make visits to the vet every 6-12 months to check his health, respect his vaccination schedule and periodically deworm him with good quality products suitable for size, weight and age.